Step 3: Read and Review

Play the audio-clip from the lesson 27 dialogue

Listen to the pronunciation and practice reading!

Hello everyone. Welcome to class. Well, my name is Hector Suarez. I live in Hialeah and study Portuguese at Miami Dade college. I also work at Winn-Dixie supermarket as a cashier. I usually get up at six thirty in the morning and take a shower. Afterwards, I have breakfast. I usually have coffee toast with better and some eggs for breakfast. After breakfast I drive to work at seven thirty.

I work until twelve pm and then go to lunch for an hour. I work until six pm and then go to school at 6:30pm. My class ends at eight thirty pm. After that, I go back home and watch TV for a while and have dinner. Finally, I go to bed at around eleven pm and start over the next day. So talk to me about your day!

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